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Corporate Governance

DAM Prices 19 Aug 2019 (Rs./kWh)

  • Average MCP 0.82


  • Peak MCP1.68


  • Non Peak MCP0.53


  • Max MCP3.34


  • Min MCP0.20


We are a board run and professionally managed company with experienced and qualified professionals from power industry. Our management team has been able to take advantage of market opportunities, formulate sound business strategies and execute them in an effective manner.

Board of Directors

The strength of Board consists of eight directors out of which one is an executive director, four are non-executive and non-independent directors and three are non-executive and independent directors Further, our Board includes Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra, the Chairman of the Board, is a non-executive and independent director and Ms. Renuka Ramnath as the woman director in the Board.

List of Committees as per Companies Act 2013 & SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015