DAM Prices 15 May 2021 (Rs./kWh)

  • Average MCP 0.3


  • Peak MCP0.21


  • Non Peak MCP0.32


  • Max MCP0.69


  • Min MCP0.18


INDIAN ENERGY EXCHANGE LIMITED (IEX) is the first and largest energy exchange in India providing a nationwide, automated trading platform for physical delivery of electricity, Renewable Energy Certificates and Energy Saving Certificates. The exchange platform enables efficient price discovery and increases the accessibility and transparency of the power market in India while also enhancing the speed and efficiency of trade execution.

Today, more than 6600 participants are registered on our exchange from 29 States, 5 Union Territories (UTs). Over 4,800 registered participants were eligible to trade electricity contracts and over 4,400 registered participants were eligible to trade RECs, as of February 2020. Out of participants registered to trade electricity contacts include 56 distribution companies, over 500 electricity generators and over 4,200 open access consumers. As of February, 2020 in addition to participants who traded electricity contracts, participants registered to trade RECs included over 1,100 renewable energy generators and over 3,200 industry and corporate customers. The benefiting open access consumers belong to various industries such as metal, food processing, textile, cement, ceramic, chemicals, automobiles, information technology industries, institutional, housing and real estate and commercial entities.

The Exchange is a publicly listed company with NSE and BSE. IEX is approved and regulated by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and has been operating since 27 June 2008. In August 2016, IEX received three ISO Certifications - ISO 9001:2015 for quality management, ISO 27001:2013 for Information security management and ISO 14001:2015 for environment management.


Product Segments

Day-Ahead Market (DAM)
Launched in June, 2008, in this segment, participants transact electricity on 15-minutes block basis, a day prior to the delivery of electricity. Both buyers and sellers submit their anonymous bids electronically during the market bid session and matching of bids is done on double sided auction mechanism with uniform market clearing price. Know More...

Term-Ahead Market (TAM)
Launched in September 2009, contracts under TAM cover a range for buying/selling electricity for duration up to 11 days. It enables participants to purchase electricity for the same day through intra-day contracts, for the next day through day-ahead contingency, on daily basis for rolling seven days through daily contracts, and on weekly basis through weekly contracts to manage their electricity portfolio for different durations. Know More...

Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)
Launched in February 2011, Renewable Energy Certificate market facilitates transaction in environmental attributes. The Renewable Energy (RE) generator can opt to get RECs against green attributes of their generation. These generators can sell RECs through the exchange. On the other hand, the obligated entities-distribution companies, captive plants and open access consumers may opt to purchase RECs to fulfill their Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). The renewable energy generators are able to sell electricity to distribution companies at their average power purchase cost, utilize the same for captive consumption, or sell it to third parties, while selling the environmental attribute of the renewable electricity through RECs. The REC Market offers both solar and non-solar RECs. Know More...

Energy Saving Certificates (ESCerts)
ESCerts are the tradable certificates under the Perform, Achieve, Trade (PAT) Scheme of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a market-based mechanism to incentivise energy efficiency in large energy-intensive industries. IEX became the first and only Power Exchange to commence trading in ESCerts on 26 September 2017. A total trade of 12,98,904 ESCerts were traded under PAT Cycle 1 in the 17 trading sessions between September’17 and January’18. The total buy requirement for PAT Cycle-1 based on the Designated Consumers (DC) was about 14.25 lacs out of which 12.98 lacs ESCerts were traded during the period, representing 90% of the total obligation. The highest trade of 4.49 lacs ESCerts was on 19 December 2017. Know More...