Term-Ahead-Market (TAM) provides a range of products allowing participants to buy/sell electricity on a term basis for a duration of up to 11 days ahead.

The operations are carried out in accordance with the "Procedures for Scheduling of Bilateral Transactions" issued by the Central Transmission Utility (PGCIL), under "CERC (Open Access in inter-State Transmission) Regulations, 2008", as amended from time to time and the Bye-Laws, Rules and Business Rules of the Exchange.

Currently, products in the include Intra-day, Day-ahead Contingency (DAC), and the Term Ahead contracts to help participants manage their electricity portfolio for different durations

Some common features

  1. Trading of Region specific contracts
  2. Firm Delivery
    The contracts under Term Ahead Market can be used to ensure delivery of electricity for a few days in advance.
  3. Delivery Blocks: | RTC | Day | Night | Peak | Hourly |
    FBA -- Firm Base – 24 Hrs.
    FNT -- Firm Night – 8 Hrs. (0-7 & 23-24)
    FDY -- Firm Day – 11Hrs. (7-18)
    FPK -- Firm Peak – 5 Hrs. (18-23)
  4. Risk Management by collection of margins as specified in the Bye-Laws, Rules and Business Rules of the Exchange.