The Real-Time-Market (RTM) is a new market segment with trading commencing on 1st of June’20. The market features a new auction session every half an hour with power to be delivered after 4 time blocks or an hour after gate closure of the auction. The price and quantum of electricity trading is determined through a double-sided closed auction bidding process. The operations are carried out in accordance with the Procedure for Scheduling Collective Transactions in the Real Time Market as issued by Power System Operation Corporation Ltd; CERC Power Market Regulations, 2010; CERC Open Access in inter-State Transmission Regulations, 2008; CERC Indian Electricity Grid Code Regulations, 2010 as amended from time to time and the Bye-Laws, Rules and Business Rules of the Exchange.

Market Features

  • Trading of 15 minute contracts
  • Double-sided anonymous auction bidding process
  • Buyers and sellers to obtain Clearance from SLDC by based on availability of network and ABT meters
  • Exchange to publish Area Clearing Price (ACP) and Area Clearing Volume (ACV)
  • Exchange to manage risk management leveraging bank balance, requisite margin, including any additional margin as specified for the respective trading segment or the type of contracts