Landed Cost Calculator

DAM Prices 19 Oct 2021 (Rs./kWh)

  • Average MCP 0.27


  • Peak MCP0.71


  • Non Peak MCP0.12


  • Max MCP0.50


  • Min MCP0.20


Enabling Industries procure competitive and reliable electricity

Prices discovered at IEX are applicable at periphery of the region in which the buyer is located. Since the existing transmission and distribution network of the utility is used to deliver power, certain open access charges are levied. These charges vary from State to State and voltage connectivity. The Inter-State charges and losses are determined by the CERC whereas Intra-State charges and losses are determined by the respective State SERCs.

The Landed Cost Calculator (LCC) helps you assess per unit cost of delivered electricity, including Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) cost.

Please Note:
  • Open Access charges and losses at Inter-state and Intra-state level are as per the orders of CERC and respective SERCs, notified from time to time.
  • LCC gives only indicative cost, the actual cost may vary.
  • In Haryana, RPO is not applicable on short term procurement
  • In Maharashtra, RPO is applicable to open access consumers with load of 5 MW and above


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