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Clearing Holidays

DAM Prices 11 Dec 2018 (Rs./kWh)

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  • Max MCP0.39


  • Min MCP0.03


In pursuance of Rules, Bye-Laws and Business Rules of the Exchange, the Members of the Exchange are notified that the Clearing and Settlement holidays (bank holidays) on which the funds pay in & pay out will not be run for the calendar year 2018 are as under:

Sr. No Description Date Day
1 Republic Day 26-Jan-18 Friday
2 Holi (2nd Day) 02-Mar-18 Friday
3 Good Friday 30-Mar-18 Friday
4 Buddha Pournima 30-Apr-18 Monday
5 Ramzan Id (Id-Ul-Fitar) 16-Jun-18 Saturday
6 Independence Day 15-Aug-18 Wednesday
7 Bakri Id (Id-Ul-Zua) 22-Aug-18 Wednesday
8 Ganesh Chaturthi 13-Sep-18 Thursday
9 Moharum 20-Sep-18 Thursday
10 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02-Oct-18 Tuesday
11 Dasara 18-Oct-18 Thursday
12 Diwali (Laxmi Pujan) 07-Nov-18 Wednesday
13 Id E Milad 21-Nov-18 Wednesday
14 Guru Nanak Jayanthi 23-Nov-18 Friday
15 Christmas 25-Dec-18 Tuesday

Members/Clients are required to keep sufficient funds in their settlement account so as to enable them uninterrupted trading during bank holidays including 2 nd and 4 th Saturdays. Funds pay in obligation and additional margins (if any) arising on the above mentioned days shall be settled on next bank working day.

Please note that trading on the Exchange platform will be open on all days of the year.

For and on behalf of
Indian Energy Exchange Limited

Prasanna Rao
Vice President - Market Operations