Who can become a Member of IEX?
    What are the categories of Membership in IEX?
    What is the Fee and Deposit Structure for various categories of Membership at IEX?
    What is the process required to be followed for acquiring Membership at IEX.
    Can an entity holding Membership of a commodity exchange or stock exchange apply for the Membership in IEX under the same name?
    What should be the main object in the clause of Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Member for trading on IEX platform?
    What are the networth requirements for the various categories of Membership at IEX?
    What are the documents required in case of a Corporate, Partnership Firm or a Proprietor Firm applying for Membership.
    In what form the initial interest free security deposit (SD) will be given to IEX? What will be the lock in period for interest free security deposit?
    In what all designated banks a Member can open their settlement account?
    Where can one have access to Membership related Circulars?
    What is the required documentation for registering a client under a Member?
    Is it possible for a client to register simultaneously through more than one Member?
    What is the validity period of the Annual Subscription and Client Subscription fees paid by the Member?
    Who is the regulator of Power Exchanges in India?
    What are the applicable rates of transaction charges?
    What is the difference between a Grid Connected and a Trader Client?
    What are the modes of connectivity for accessing the Online Trading System at IEX?


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