Day-Ahead-Market (DAM) is a physical electricity trading market for deliveries for any/some/all 15 minute time blocks in 24 hours of next day starting from midnight. The prices and quantum of electricity to be traded are determined through a double sided closed auction bidding process.

The operations are carried out in accordance with the ‘Procedure for scheduling of collective transactions’ issued by the Central Transmission Utility (PGCIL), ‘CERC (Open Access in Inter-State Transmission) Regulations, 2008, as amended from time to time and the Bye-Laws, Rules and Business Rules of the Exchange.


  1. Trading of 15 minute contracts
  2. Double-sided anonymous auction bidding process
  3. Clearance obtained from SLDC by buyers and sellers based on availability of network and ABT meters
  4. Congestion Management through market splitting and determining Area Clearing Price (ACP) specific to an area
  5. Risk management through the requisite Margin, including any additional Margin as specified for the respective trading segment or the type of contracts
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